Blending Services

Alhamrani-Fuchs Petroleum Saudi Arabia offers a full range of support services for its consumers, as building healthy bonds with clients is our top priority. Our services even extend into blending/manufacturing services. Our Yanbu Lube plant, however, primarily focuses on our multinational clientele.

Our highly trained and experienced engineers are of the highest professional standards. They are geared to providing customers with technical services that are unmatched in the industry -- once again, meeting and exceeding professional and international standards is the foundation that Alhamrani- Fuchs is built on.

Our services include:

  • Lubrication and Application Recommendations.

  • CENT Analysis.
    This is a carefully crafted and highly sophisticated program that provides conditional monitoring services in regards to industrial plants’ oil and lubrication consumption and utilization. It is a system that provides maintenance managers with detailed reports that give clear indications to the statuses of selected parts/items of the plant itself, using oil as a means of collecting data and in diagnosis.

    For every item monitored, information is collected and stored in a comprehensive database that allows essential information, maintenance history and working environment to be reviewed whenever required. This system and the database as a whole is shared and followed by other Fuchs affiliates worldwide.

    Based on sophisticated laboratory and computer technology, the CENT report will highlight potential problems at very early stages. Maintenance planning decisions can then be made objectively, quickly and efficiently with the risks of failure considerably reduced and potentially eliminated.

    Equipment that may benefit from CENT includes engines, gear units, compressors, turbines, hydraulic systems, machine tools, transmissions, pumps and lubrication systems.

  • Lubrication Surveys
    We also analyze industrial plants and their equipment to make recommendations in regards to lubricant use. This is based on the cumulative results of the data collected.

  • Seminars and Training (for Clients)
    Seminars and training are organized in efforts to better inform our clients of the correct uses of lubricants, increasing our clientele’s knowledge and capabilities within their own respective industries.

  • Symposiums
    We hold symposiums to provide general information on products, their usage and testing. We also display product brochures and invite specialists from our research department in Germany to deliver presentations regarding grease, lubricants and equipment.

  • Training Programs for Maintenance Personnel  
    We have developed carefully crafted training that covers upgrading lubricants, extended drain interval, optimizing stock, in-service oil analysis, understanding oil analysis and many other aspects.

  • Safety and Environment
    The safety of our personnel along with the safety of the world we are a part of is of prime importance to us at Alhamrani-Fuchs Petroleum. This is on both the local and international levels. Matters concerning storage, handling, used oil collection and used oil disposal are among the many processes that are meticulously overseen by all our members.

  • Foreign Expertise
    As a service to our customers, and to develop the standard of our own members, we at Alhamrani-Fuchs Petroleum arrange for experts from around the world to visit Saudi Arabia periodically, thus allowing us to keep ahead of the worldwide lubrication market. Bringing the global standard to our doorstep and reflecting our standards globally is a great part of who we are.

  • Bulk Oil Storage Tanks
    As a courtesy to our industrial clientele, we loan bulk oil storage tanks — this is a type of rental service to facilitate the lives of our clients and further develop positive, supportive, two-way relationships.

The services we offer are geared towards providing significant benefits for our clientele, ensuring that they receive the most out of their purchases and relations with Alhamrani- Fuchs Petroleum. Our services ensure significant savings and facility through reduced down-time, improved reliability, increased equipment availability and reduced maintenance costs.