Yunbu Plant

In 1988, Alhamrani-Fuchs Blending and Grease Plant in Yanbu was established and began the production of premium Lube Oil. By 2008 it reached production heights of 154,000 MT and became the first plant in the region to get OHSAS 18001, and the first to obtain ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Today, Fuchs Yanbu plant supplies over 30 countries across the globe.

Environmental Award

The Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu awarded the Environmental Prize to Fuchs Yanbu for being the MOST ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Secondary Industry in Yanbu in June 2000. It was through its different social and environmental initiatives that Fuchs Yanbu was able to achieve this honor and today proudly wears the award with aims of repeated achievements for the future. 

Construction History

Construction of the blending plant began in November 1987 and was completed a mere 9 months later by July 1988 -- within a month commercial production began.  In the case of the Grease Plant, construction began in August 1990, and began full-fledged production by July 1991. Construction efficiency was truly something to be proud of. Furthermore, to add to the Fuchs pride, all construction supervision, design and other establishment processes were all done in-house without any outside consultation – a true reflection of Fuchs’ character and potential.