Who We Are

Alhamrani Group has, since 1979, represented Saudi Arabia as the leading provider of lubricants nationwide. As the first choice in the hearts and minds of consumers, Alhamrani Group already existed as a dominant entity within this sector.

In 1995, a joint venture was formed between the Alhamrani Group and Fuchs Petrolub AG (Germany), which is the world’s largest independent producer and distributor of high standard lubricants. This initiative redefined the Saudi lubricant industry leading to the birth of Alhamrani Fuchs-Petroleum Saudi Arabia Ltd -- a name that has now become synonymous with trust, sterling service and unfailing dependability.

The Alhamrani lube blending plant in Yanbu, constructed in 1988, is the largest of its kind across the Middle East and Africa. It manufactures a complete range of premium lubricants, greases and specialty products of the highest international standards. Once this production powerhouse was combined with the finesse and skill of German engineering and development, an unwavering system of services reshaped the market.

With its many branches across the Kingdom and effective distribution network, Alhamrani-Fuchs has set itself up as to having a geographical advantage. It is this geographical advantage that has aided in its dominance of service, which includes taking consumer requests, manufacturing products by specification, delivering them to consumers' doorsteps, and implementing highly effective after-sales services and preventive maintenance programs that remain unrivaled.

With a tenor in innovation, Alhamrani-Fuchs extended its services to the development of an all-encompassing “One-Stop” Car Care Center in 1998. Beaming with confidence as the first of its kind, it provides not only unparalleled car care services, but highly personalized car care services that are delivered in highly pleasant surroundings. By 2012, this “One-Stop” network is expected to grow to 100 centers across Saudi Arabia and many more across the region and around the world.

To ensure impeccable standards of service are met, a great deal of emphasis is placed on human resources. Efforts to further develop the skills and competency of our workforce is a continuous process. Through various training programs where employees are sent abroad, combined with the local training centers like the one at the Yanbu branch, experience and technical know-how of each member contributes to the successive development of the corporation as a whole.

As a firm believer in the Saudization initiative, Alhamrani-Fuchs consciously and progressively works to raise the local standards of professional competency by hiring and training young Saudis to reach their maximal potential, while simultaneously meeting and exceeding government objectives and requirements.